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Do you have one or does it need updating?

Wills should be written in a clear simple language and not “clogged up” with obsolete legal language. We provide a quick, easy and affordable Will drafting service. We can take instructions in person, over the phone or via Skype or FaceTime.

Your Will may also need updating if there has been a change in circumstances or an important life event has occurred. For example, if you have married then any Will you have made prior to marriage will no longer be valid unless the Will was made in contemplation of marriage.

Also, if you have separated, your Will is still valid despite the fact that you may no longer want your ex-partner to be the Executor or Beneficiary of your Estate.



Sometimes Wills have been badly or unfairly written or are simply out-of-date and fail to reflect a change in circumstances. The law provides for Wills to be challenged in some cases and if you believe you have been unfairly omitted from, or unfairly treated in, a Will be aware that strict time limits apply and an application should be made within 12 months of the date of death.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss and assess your possible entitlements.

Alternatively, if you are an Executor or Beneficiary and someone is contesting the terms of the Will, we can advise you on the likely outcome, assist in resolving the matter and, if necessary, defend any action in Court brought against the Estate.


If you are the Executor under a Will, in order to be able to collect and distribute the assets of the Estate you will need to obtain a Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court.

Alternatively, if a person has died without leaving a valid Will or has named an Executor who is no longer willing or able to act as Executor, then a Grant of Letters of Administration will need to be obtained from the Supreme Court.

Both of the above processes will require the assistance of a lawyer.

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